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Why I'm Excited to Join PreSales Collective as Your Head of Community

James Kaikis sits down with Kevin Mefford to discuss Kevin joining PreSales Collective as Head of Community.


In Kevin's own words...

After more than six and a half years as a PreSales professional at Medallia, I’m excited to introduce myself as your new PreSales Collective Head of Community!

Like so many of you, I fell into PreSales. I started out working at boutique market research firms, where I was in data processing – programming surveys and data tabulations reports. From there, I moved from leading IT and a data processing team to being the “technical person” in sales meetings with executive teams. That eventually led me to a hybrid role of PreSales, training, and post-sales account management. For the last nine years, I’ve held dedicated PreSales roles, selling into a variety of industries, from mid-market through large enterprises.

I’ve been an active volunteer member of PSC’s Austin Chapter since last fall. In that capacity, I helped drive activities within Austin and the surrounding area by connecting PreSales professionals and promoting PreSales as a career and professional community.

I also had the pleasure of serving on the PreSales Collective Demo Days 2021 committee this past spring. It was truly an honor to participate in judging teams. It was a thrill to watch them improve as they progressed through the competition. That event gave me a chance to meet other fantastic volunteers in the PSC community. These experiences made me realize that I wanted to make a greater impact within the organization.

Why I’m Investing in the Future of PreSales

When I learned about the opportunity to join PSC in a role that combines member onboarding and community engagement, I jumped at the chance. I’ve spent the majority of my career in PreSales, so I know what a vital and significant role PreSales plays in accelerating sales pipelines.

I’m passionate about the PSC mission to elevate the role of PreSales in organizations worldwide and to provide PreSales professionals with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop long, impactful careers.

PreSales still has a long way to go when it comes to being an organized profession. It’s important to keep finding ways to demonstrate our value and have a seat at the table. We aren’t merely “the technical experts” or “demo monkeys.” Unfortunately, many business people don’t understand what our role entails, and overlook our contributions. I’ve seen that start to shift in recent years and I believe it will continue on a positive trajectory through the efforts of organizations like PSC.

As PSC’s Head of Community, I’m eager to help our co-founders James Kaikis and Yuji Higashi take this world-class professional membership organization to the next level.

A few of my immediate goals include developing ways to help local PSC Chapters grow their programs and scale up their events and other community-building activities.

I’m also focusing on supporting our global Chapter volunteers – the lifeblood of our organization. One of the things I’m looking forward to doing most is traveling to in-person PSC Chapter gatherings and other PSC events in the coming months.

The PSC membership community is filled with extraordinarily talented and dynamic professionals, and I can’t wait to learn from you, forge connections, and create avenues for growth!

Kevin Mefford is the Head of Community for PreSales Collective. Kevin strengthens the connections and relationships between PSC programs and community members and is deeply committed to adding value to the membership experience. Previously, Kevin spent more than a decade in PreSales. With a background in development, IT administration, sales, and account management, Kevin drew on his business analysis and project management skills to craft winning solutions for customers.

Kevin is the proud father of three. When he’s not watching his teenage daughter play soccer, you’ll find him hiking, participating in axe-throwing competitions, and enjoying his yearlong hobby of programming synchronized outdoor Christmas lights. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn!


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