Matt's Monday Musings: One simple rule to make every demo your best ever

How do you improve on perfection? Difficult right?

You know you can knock each demo out of the park every time, but that can become tiresome. It can be boring being so good!

A common mistake I see on a regular basis from PreSales consultants, complacency. 

And it’s an easy trap to fall into. We all learn our scripts, know our software, know what to avoid, know what to highlight. But do we really deliver perfection in this way? Do we feel like we have nothing new to learn each time we hop in our car or on the web conference?

I cringe every time I hear an SE say they are turning up and doing their ‘usual routine’. And you can hear it in your voice as well, the passion disappears for the mundane and you start to become that robot you always said you wouldn’t.

Preparation is a difficult discipline in this fast-moving world. Make time for prep meetings and dry runs will help us avoid going down this path. How many times have you met your Account Executive in the customer's lobby and quickly made a plan for the meeting? I know I have… guilty as charged!

Try these tips to stay passionate and energetic:

  • Making learning a priority. Keep your skills and knowledge fresh!

  • Do dry runs and rehearsals for each demo.

  • Tie back every click, action, and storyline to value and pain from discovery

Finally thought.. remember back to your first demo at your current company. You would have prepared really well, were super nervous and it was probably in front of your new boss at the time. Take that energy, embrace the nerves and give that same level of effort you gave in your first demo to each you do.

So my advice to make every demo the best ever… prepare like it is your first.

Matt Finch is the Vice President, Global Solutions Consulting at Mavenlink. He's passionate about SaaS technology, leadership, and sales excellence has enabled him to successfully build award-winning sales, pre-sales, consulting and enablement organizations across the world.

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