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PreSales Leadership Collective.

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Cultivate your professional network

Make connections and build relationships that matter to your PreSales career


Build a pipeline of talent


Be a Better PreSales Leader

Curated enablement for the modern PreSales leader 


Leverage resources and best practices


Broaden your perspective learning from other PreSales leaders driving innovation into your business


Develop your PreSales talent

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Expand your personal and team brand 

Be recognized in the market for the great work you do


Contribute to defining standards and publications for PreSales

About PreSales Leadership Collective


PreSales Leadership Collective (PSLC) is a global community of PreSales leaders coming together to help and support each other in our careers. Our vision is a world where every PreSales leader has the tools, resources, and support they need to achieve their professional potential. 


We welcome you to join our community of PreSales operators to learn, share, and network in a safe, private space with a support system of other leaders who share similar goals and face similar challenges.


Who’s eligible to apply for membership?

This group is designed for PreSales leaders in a management capacity (Manager+ title) who are looking to network, grow professionally, and actively participate. Eligible roles include PreSales people managers, managers of Architecture and Value teams, as well as PreSales operations and enablement leaders.

What's included?

Below are a few of the benefits included with your PreSales Leadership Collective membership. Submit your application to receive a complete list of member benefits, programs, and resources.

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Leader Enablement

Access on-demand and instructor-led enablement curated for all levels of leadership, delivered by community members and professional trainers.


Exclusive Slack Channels

A safe space to connect and discuss PreSales topics with other leaders. Private channels for all levels of leadership. 

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Regional Dinners & Summits

Exclusive group dinners in global major cities and large scale events for PreSales.


Roundtables & Workshops

Intimate group discussions on a specific topic relevant to PreSales operators. Learn, gain perspective, and share your experience.

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Mentoring & Coaching

Connect with people you need to know for career coaching, mentoring, access to industry experts or just networking with like minded members.

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Career Center

Leader job board, available candidate profiles, and executive compensation guide to support your career transitions

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Templates & Playbooks

Access to various templates and assets relevant to operating a PreSales team including Playbooks, Demo Script Templates, Capacity Models, etc.

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PreSales Awards

An annual award ceremony to recognize the outstanding work of individuals and teams in the global PreSales community

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Publications & Insight

Access to guides, studies, reports, and other data to support better decision making.

Leader Events Calendar​

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* Will be held if deemed safe to be held in-person. Local restrictions apply.

** Events and dates are subject to change

Membership Dues

PreSales Leadership Collective requires its Members to pay membership dues of $50 (USD) per month, paid annually.  Membership dues cover costs of running programs, events, and developing resources for PreSales Collective. Dues are typically reimbursable by your employer as professional development. Company memberships are available for teams of 6 leaders or more. Contact us  ( for membership packages.

Questions? Email at